Roger Wheelahan

Managing Director, Smart Start Financial Services, Arcadia, NSW

Astute really helped me pull it all together as I had to start up a new Financial Planning business. After leaving the corporate world, it has enabled me to engage clients much, much more professionally than any other Financial Planning business or software provider is currently doing.

The groundwork from the client explainer videos, to the website template and the card design, brochures etc., saved me a lot of procrastination and time as the Astute look and feel is what I have been after for years. It has enabled me to be more profitable due to the efficiencies of engaging clients and modelling using the risk needs analysis tool to retirement modelling. Then there’s the Astute Estate Planner, this is fantastic, I can now wrap clients up and provide the end to end solution from the Briefing Paper (provided by me) to the actual legal documents (provided by my relationship with a lawyer) which created another revenue stream for my business. All in all great tools just missing the CRM, if there was a CRM plugged in, NO ONE would come close!

I would like to congratulate AstuteWheel on the new Goals Based Scoping tool. I have been an adviser since 2001 and have always felt I was looking over my shoulder for the compliance people who always seemed to be on a witch hunt to try and ping you for some meaningless irrelevant little thing in the SOA or Fact Find that has no material effect on the disclosure, quality and appropriateness of the advice.

Since using the complete AstuteWheel suite of products and more so recently the Goals Based Advice tool and Scoping wizard all the apprehension and anxiety of “have I covered my arse?” (which distracts from focussing on the client’s advice) and have I demonstrated that I have covered all the possible areas of advice relevant or not to the client?, has vanished!! The Scoping tool takes the client(s) through a simple process where the client discovers and then is able to articulate what areas of advice they DO need and DON’T need, based on your conversations and what life stage they are in.

As ASIC is focussing on making sure advisers focus on the clients’ complete financial situation (as we should) the Scoping tool allows you to make sure you have had the conversations around the 6 areas of advice, leaving you to focus on the strategy rather than compliance as that area is thoroughly and professionally covered and documented all other things considered.

Secondly the Astute Estate Planner tool is fantastic, it is very easy use and very powerful as it allows you to provide professional estate planning services. The client(s) receives a professional Estate Planning briefing document, with their details of assets and liabilities, extended family tree, and how they would like their assets distributed upon their death, among many other things that are covered, i.e. testamentary trusts etc…that is then passed onto YOUR referral partner solicitor to review and then execute, or they can take it to their own solicitor if they choose. It’s a great add on service that is worth $2000 net to my business per client(s) after I have paid the solicitor to review, draft and execute the legal docs from the estate planning briefing document. The first client has already paid for the next 18 months subscription of the Astute Estate Planner tool. I highly recommend any financial professional service business take up the tool and incorporate the valuable and profitable service to their business.

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