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Matthew Bazzica
The Empty Nesters Advice Group
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Emma Cunningham
Testimonials: Matthew Leech – PSK
Matthew Leech
Incite Wealth
Testimonials - Brett Abikhair, The Selector Group
Brett Abikhair
The Selector Group

I wanted to share some feedback and positive experiences with our continued use of AstuteWheel software within our client onboarding and review process. We have been using AstuteWheel since last ye... read more

John Hazel, Principal Partner, Birling Wealth Management

We have been using AstuteWheel in our practice now for about 12 months. From my perspective, as an adviser, I don't know how we offered holistic financial planning without this tool. From the clien... read more

Andrew Bowring, B.Ec (Syd) Dip FP, C.S. Capital Group

I have been using the Astute Wheel for almost 2 years now and find it a fantastic tool to use with all my clients, even the more elderly ones. It is a great way to demonstrate the different key are... read more

Scott Whitbread, Authorised Representative, Charter Financial Planning Ltd

As the Astute Wheel has developed, so has the way we have integrated it into our everyday processes.

The very first insurance risk needs analysis I ran through with th... read more

Brad Downes, Managing Director, Progressive Financial Planners

I have been using Astute Financial Planner for over two years now and it has become an invaluable part of my business. It al... read more

Andrew Julius, Partner | Senior Adviser, PSK Financial Service

I have found the engagement process Astute Financial Planner provides very efficient and sorts out the tyre-kickers. It made my practice easy to manage with reviews and new clients. It allowed me to c... read more

Kevin Moran, Principal, Australian Financial Planning

I have been using the AstuteWheel for a number of years now. Like many, I started by using their client facing calculators as a simple client friendly visual aid during my appointments.... read more

Brad Downes, Managing Director, Progressive Financial Planners

I met with a local solicitor for the first time and I took her through the Financial Planner Client Engagement platform to show her our methodology when meeting a new client. She confirmed she would b... read more

Paul Birch, BFT Group

The biggest challenge that our industry generally faces is that of engaging the uninitiated in a true financial planning conversation. The Astute wheel allows advisers to better structure their ini... read more

Paul Harrop, General Manager , PSK Financial Services

I received responses from 30 prospective new clients. Of the 26 that I met with I would estimate that for at least 10 - 15 there is further work. I contacted the HR Manager at one of our Corporate... read more

Ben Mitchell, Client Advice, Priority Planners

I found the Risk Calculator to be highly intuitive. The questions that were listed to prompt responses from the clients were very much along the lines that we would normally travel.

It quickl... read more

Murray Bennett, Warren Saunders Life & Superannuation, Director

There is no doubt that the only way to really see how powerful the software to be is to take it for a test drive. I can truly say that it has reopened my eyes to the ways we can make a difference to c... read more

Peter Audet, Managing Director, Varria

We have re-engineered our practice’s client offering - especially our financial advisory offering, from a traditional investment/transactional based offering to a new Wealth Management and Advisory... read more

Barry Hayes, Director, Hayes Girling Financial

Congratulations on the estate planning tool. Simply brilliant!

Reuben Zelwer, Senior Partner, Adapt Wealth Management

What I like most is that it is a simple tool to use to facilitate the estate planning process and easy for a client to understand. By them answering the right questions, and by mapping it out, it a... read more

Matthew Bazzica, Financial Planner, The Empty Nesters Advice Group

For the first 15 years of my career, I referred hundreds of clients to various solicitors to get wills and powers of attorney drafted. Whilst we diligently set up referral partners, making it very luc... read more

Brad Downes, Managing Director, Progressive Financial Planners

Now it has become a really light-hearted process and the thing that I hear back from my clients afterwards is that it was such a daunting process before.

There is a whole lot of relief and the fam... read more

Emma Cunningham, Aventree

This tool allows financial planners to add real value for their clients, by giving them the opportunity to plan the preservation of their estate in a clear, illustrative process.

With a background... read more

Emma Linton Doig, Fortress Financial Solutions

Estate planning is going so well. It is all done online-electronically and clients LOVE it. Astute Estate Planner is amazing! Worth the wait. Well done!

Janean Hicks, Director, MVP Wealth

So far the 5 Minute Financial Health Check has been great. I have used it with a few new clients already and it has been a good discussion starter for the most critical issues – from the client’s... read more

Robert Reid, Financial Planner, RK Financial Planning