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Let’s get real about banning grandfathered commissions

Switching off grandfathered commissions ‘conflicted remuneration’ could wipe out many honest hardworking advisers and would not necessarily be good for their clients. Since... Read more »

Life Insurance Remunerations Reform in Conflict with Clients Best Interest

Will advisers be penalised for making the effort to do the right thing by their client? The life insurance remunerations reforms came into effect on 1 January 2018 and introduced... Read more »

Financial planners on the brink of opportunity or disaster?

What’s the exit strategy for Financial Planners if they decide not to go back to school? As a young army reserve officer in the early 90’s I was in awe of the veteran... Read more »

Financial Planning Industry winners and losers: a new era

What is the path to survival for the Financial Planning Industry with Australia’s active 25,000 planners in a post Royal Commission world? There has never been a better time to... Read more »

Modern Financial Advice: The Six Million Dollar Adviser

In the 1970’s we followed the adventures of Steve Austin the astronaut who after a spaceship crash was given bionic enhancements that made him stronger and faster. Who could... Read more »

Modern Adviser or Dinosaur? 5 Ways You Can Make The Evolutionary Leap

The financial planning sector continues to change at an accelerating speed – being a modern adviser means not only keeping up with industry changes but advances in... Read more »

Let’s get serious about estate planning

Estate Planning is, in many cases, treated by financial planners as an afterthought… a couple of questions about whether the client has a Will or Power of Attorney and if not,... Read more »

Winter is Coming: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Clients

“Winter is coming” is the motto of House Stark – one of the great houses in Game of Thrones. The words are a reminder of the need for constant vigilance and preparation... Read more »

“Gamma” – The New Measure of Good Financial Advice

Defining good financial advice can be difficult. Too often, clients believe that a good return on their investment relates to good advice, and too often financial planners... Read more »

NAB’s Robo Advice – should financial planners be concerned?

Let’s face it, if the NAB is about to launch robo-advice, then the three other big banks and AMP won’t be far behind, so should financial planners be concerned? First we... Read more »

The modern adviser and the upside of estate planning for young families

Most financial planners want to deal with retirees who have accumulated wealth via their super fund or high income accumulators who don’t mind paying high fees for advice on... Read more »

Estate planning for “A” clients – how to value add and get referrals

The kids have all finished school, the mortgage paid off, there’s plenty of money in the super fund and your client is either approaching retirement or already retired. As... Read more »

Robot advice or financial planner – what’s best for the client?

The Artificial Intelligence debate went into overdrive on 11th May 1997 when an IBM computer named Deep Blue beat the world champion chess player Garry Kasparov in a best of six... Read more »

I’m an adviser in my late 50’s – what is my exit strategy?

Many of Australia’s mature advisers are looking at a tsunami of worry coming at them as they consider their exit from the industry. It used to be fairly straight forward –... Read more »

I’m an adviser in my 30’s – how do I start my own business?

You are a degree qualified adviser with CFP designation, you may have spent some time as a Paraplanner and then progressed to seeing clients and are gaining confidence in that... Read more »

Six Easy Steps to Turn Good Advice into Great Advice

Only 3% of planners provide “good” advice. This is a startling statement but one independently backed by the ASIC Shadow Shopping Study report released in March 2012. Before... Read more »