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AstuteWheel is Australia’s leading goals based advice & client engagement software. Financial modelling calculators, online questionnaires, educational videos, presentation tools and more.

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Professional Client Engagement

How it works & features

A complete Financial Planning Software toolkit to provide valuable Goals Based Advice; gather client information efficiently online, educate clients, set and track client goals, scope advice, model strategies live, auto produce compliant file notes and market the business.

Business Improvement

Improve business results with suite of tools including business diagnostics, business plan, marketing plan, cost to serve, benchmarking, business owner dashboard. Allows you to build a more profitable, scalable and saleable business. Read more

Client Portal

Prospects access a task list in the secure portal to provide their goals, concerns and high level financial information. Clients update their details for reviews and access their advice documents from the secure client vault. Read more

Practice Advice

Dashboard informs advisers and support staff about client activity and progress. Customise your practice settings, task lists and compliance checklists. Generate tailored FDS, LOE and ongoing or fixed term agreements. Read more

Astute Wheel 4.0

Initial Advice

Efficient online collection of personal and financial client data. Guide clients through a visual process to define goals and explain concepts. Interactively scope your advice and produce an engagement letter. Read more

CRM Capability

Secure client messaging. Access and upload documents. Setup service and advice projects. Comprehensive client data management. Synchronise fact find data to and from Xplan. Read more

Review Advice

Tailored questionnaires allow clients to update key financial, personal and goals information in their client portal prior to meetings. Advisers use the interactive client summary to create a valuable client review experience every time. Read more

Client Portal
Client Portal

The client portal is an engaging and secure way to communicate with clients and prepare for meetings.

Advisers can quickly create a task list for their prospects and clients to complete questionnaires in their personalised client portal.

Clients can access the portal to see a comprehensive view of their financial position with useful charts and other valuable visuals.

Prospective clients receive an outstanding first impression with easy to complete questionnaires providing high level financial and personal information, goals and a financial health check to identify which areas of advice they require help with.

Existing clients access their advice documents securely and electronically sign them, update their information prior to review meetings and have the benefit of accessing all their financial information in the one secure place.

Advisers benefit from an efficient, secure communications process that is seen as part of their value proposition by the client.

Initial Advice
Initial Advice

Advisers can understand and plan for where the opportunities are, to improve a client’s circumstances. A better experience and a higher chance of transitioning a prospect to a paying client.

Tools and calculators to simply demonstrate strategies that help achieve SMART Goals.

Visual and interactive tools explain the benefits of financial planning, turning client goals into SMART and actionable goals, determining the scope of advice and producing a tailored letter of engagement outlining the agreed services and fees.

Modelling calculators are used to determine retirement planning, insurance needs and compare various investment, debt or retirement strategies. The calculators are easy to use live with clients and the graphs generated and easy to grasp ensuring the client understands the advice and can make informed decisions about the strategies and expected outcomes.

File notes are easily generated as part of your audit trail and for the creation of your SOA’s and ROA’s.

Review Advice
Review Advice

Quickly update goals progress and modelling for efficient preparation of review documents.

Clients are tasked to update their information on the secure client portal in anticipation of the review meeting.

The review meeting document can be prepared quickly and includes changes to the client’s personal and financial information and any updates or changes to their goals and any other concerns they may have.

The previous year’s cashflow calculator can then be updated to show the client how they are tracking with their financial plan and their goals. If major changes are identified, the paraplanner can update the modelling for an SOA, or if there no/small changes then an ROA.

Review Advice

Use the secure client messaging system to communicate with clients. They can access and electronically sign documents in the client portal.

Manage clients using workflows, tasks and automation and monitor client activities and progress.

Data integration with Xplan and secure API connectivity with Microsoft Office for emails and calendar, open banking, investment feeds and insurance quotes are all scheduled for 2023.

Practice Management
Practice Management

Set your practice settings, defaults and compliance checklists and monitor your FDS, KYC and other compliance requirements using the tracking and alerts functionality.

To monitor and review the practice using analytics and ratios features and determine and track your cost to serve and set pricing.

Business improvement
Business improvement

Building, growing a successful financial planning business is more than just an ability to generate revenue and manage the business.

There are several free tools for practice owners to use and very cost-effective online tools as well. Online tools and questionnaires include:

  • business diagnostics
  • business plans
  • marketing plans
  • cost to serve
  • benchmarking against peers
  • business owner dashboard

Live modelling

Modelling calculators quickly communicate how appropriate financial strategies may improve the client’s financial position, so they’re able to make informed decisions.

Live modelling tools

Income Calculators

Income calculators. Salary sacrifice calculator

Four income calculators that will empower you to:

  • Quickly and easily identify how much tax a client is paying
  • Demonstrate how tax can be reduced using various strategies
  • Model the effect of using pre-tax dollars to boost your superannuation rather than using after-tax dollars for a non-super investment
  • Model and see the effects of income splitting strategies
  • Demonstrate the effects of CGT on sale of an asset
  • Prompt a discussion on life insurance based on live client data displayed for net income and spending.

Investment Calculators

Investment Planner - Investment calculators

Four investment calculators to:

  • Quickly demonstrate various investment options to the client graphically
  • Compare and contrast investment options based on your client’s risk profile, tax rate and investment horizon
  • Model lump sum investments, geared investments, savings plans, geared savings plans or a combination of each strategy

Debt Calculators

Debt planner calculators

Astute Debt Planner’s three calculators allow for:

  • Live modelling of cashflow and cost of debt
  • Modelling the effects of interest types and rates on cashflow
  • Demonstrating mortgage reduction strategies
  • Illustrating wealth creation strategies and identify ‘good’ and ‘bad’ debt to your client.


Insurance Calculators

Insurance planner calculators

Six powerful insurance modelling calculators that will:

  • Accurately confirm the clients’ details and assumptions, for precise control of insured amounts
  • Determine cover required should either partner not survive
  • Determine a client’s income protection options and wishes with ease
  • Instantly illustrate the effects of TPD cover settings on their annual cashflow
  • Visually show detail on the components of their trauma needs and what accumulated lump sum might be required.
  • Enter client’s current insurance policies details in fact find database
  • Add new insurance policy details in the “policies tab”
  • Auto-generate a concise and compliant Risk SOA that a client can read and understand (60 seconds).

Retirement Calculators

Retirement calculators

Three important modelling calculators for use in:

  • Giving your client a clear snapshot of their current retirement trajectory
  • Easily identify client’s outstanding mortgage on retirement and the impact of non -super debt and investments to get a true retirement outcome
  • Modelling the effects of delayed retirement, salary sacrificing, one-off contributions or perhaps a more aggressive investment stance
  • Resolving the difficulty of explaining TTR rules and visually demonstrates the benefits of your proposed transition to Retirement strategy
  • Accurately determine expected age pension for your client and make live presentation of strategies to improve their circumstances.

Estate Calculators

Estate Planning Calculators

Add this suite of calculators to Astute Client Engager or Astute Financial Planner to:

  • Automatically educate clients on crucial estate planning terms
  • Prompt considered responses to tough questions they’ll need to make prior to meeting with you
  • Automatically build a family tree diagram that illustrates family structures, even complex blended families
  • Provide a visual representation of how your client’s assets are owned and controlled
  • Show the assets held by each entity by hovering over any icon for an entity
  • Instantly demonstrate to your client how various assets could be treated in their estate plan should either of them, or both, become deceased.

More advisers can now enter this previously specialist field of financial advice. Our set of estate planning tools now makes the process of protecting your clients’ estate into an expedient and profitable journey.

Emma explains how Astute Estate Planner makes this daunting process much easier for financial advisors and their clients and by using the online estate planning software how the entire process has become quicker and more streamlined.

Emma Cunningham, Financial advisor, Aventree financial

Brett comments that the Astute Financial Planner has revolutionised how they engage with clients and provides his financial advisers with structure and purpose in meetings. Clients are engaged in the process and he attributes the financial planning software and financial calculators with an increase in his business as his clients are actually getting it.

Brett Abikhair, Principal & Financial Advisor, The Selector Group

I have found the engagement process Astute Financial Planner provides very efficient and sorts out the tyre-kickers. It made my practice easy to manage with reviews and new clients. It allowed me to cut back to three days a week ...  Read more

I have been using the AstuteWheel for many years now. Like many, I started using their client facing calculators as a visual aid during my appointments. As the AstuteWheel has developed so has the way we have integrated it into ...  Read more

The AstuteWheel software has been great: Digital fact find completion, health check is a great tool and very valuable to us. The individual calculators are very handy and I enjoy using these. Scoping and the subsequent Client Engagement Letter is ...  Read more

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