Client engagement software

Tools and modeling calculators to enhance your client engagement process, fostering efficiency and professionalism within your financial, accounting or legal practice.

A complete suite of tools to provide valuable advice, gather client information efficiently online, educate clients, model strategies live, auto produce compliant file notes and market the business.

Emma explains how Astute Estate Planner makes this daunting process much easier for financial advisors and their clients and by using the online estate planning software how the entire process has become quicker and more streamlined.

Emma Cunningham, Financial advisor, Aventree financial, Stones Corner, QLD.

Brett comments that the Astute Financial Planner has revolutionised how they engage with clients and provides his financial advisers with structure and purpose in meetings. Clients are engaged in the process and he attributes the financial planning software and financial calculators with an increase in his business as his clients are actually getting it now.

Brett Abikhair, Principal & Financial Advisor, The Selector Group, North Sydney, NSW.

I received responses from 30 prospective new clients. Of the 26 that I met with I would estimate that for at least 10 – 15 there is further work. I contacted the HR Manager at one of our Corporate Super Clients to see if she was comfortable in sending out ... more

Ben Mitchell
Client Advice, Priority Planners, Sydney NSW

I’ve had a good look through the new release of the estate planning module and it’s fantastic! I ran through my own detailed situation both as a client, then importing the details work email to me and updating the details as the planner. This is a fantastic tool that we ... more

Brad Downes
Managing Director, Progressive Financial Planners

I found the Risk Calculator to be highly intuitive. The questions that were listed to prompt responses from the clients were very much along the lines that we would normally travel. It quickly and succinctly identified for the client the key areas that were part of their considerations for appropriate ... more

Murray Bennett
Warren Saunders Life & Superannuation, Director, Hurstville NSW