Geoff Ivanac

Principal Adviser, Longwave Wealth, Scarborough, WA

I just thought I would pass on my feedback on my experiences in using AstuteWheel software for virtual meetings since the outbreak of COVID-19.

I have been using the AstuteWheel financial planning and estate planning tools for many years to assist in engaging with my clients, work through strategies together and to demonstrate how I can add value.

I have in past used the estate planning tool, Astute Estate Planner very effectively for virtual advice where my clients have been located in regional WA, their accountant in another location and their solicitor somewhere else.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, it has been an easy switch to become a virtual financial adviser. I informed the clients early on that I would not be able to have in-office meetings for safety and health reasons and sent out a link to my calendar and the virtual meeting. I was initially concerned about how my clients would adapt to the virtual meetings, however these concerns were quickly dissipated as old and young clients alike have engaged with the concept and have thoroughly enjoyed being able to meet without having to leave the comfort and safety of their home environment.

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