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The solution to protecting your clients and also making estate planning a profitable addition to your practice offering is here. Easy-to-use and cures client procrastination with one click.

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Astute Estate Planner

Astute Estate Planner

Astute’s Estate Planner is a stand alone client engagement package that provides advisers, accountants and lawyers with an end-to-end process for facilitating estate planning in just 60 to 90 minutes using a step-by-step process.

You can now make estate planning a profitable addition to your practice offering because it's now possible to achieve rapid facilitation of even the most complex family and financial structures. Client discovery, education, live presentation tools, briefing document generator - all in one! Powerful and easy-to-use, there is nothing else like it in Australia.

Astute Estate Planner provides you with estate planning strategies and a visual interactive process to educate and guide clients through the many decisions they are faced with prior to implementing an estate plan.

Note: The Astute Estate Planning Suite of Calculators are also available as an add-on enhancement to Astute Financial Planner or as a package deal with Astute Financial Planner 360.

$150 P/M + GST

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Features & tools

Systems sends your client an explainer Video Email
Client watches short Estate Planning Explained video
Client completes online Estate Planning Questionnaire
An interactive Family Tree Diagram is automatically generated from their Estate Planning Questionnaire
An interactive Entity Diagram shows clients' entities (personal, joint, super, family trusts & companies) and the assets within each entity
Once the client has decided how their estate is to be divided, a Structure Diagram is auto generated caputing how assets are to be directed
Estate Planner outputs a 16 page personalised briefing paper for the client to take to their solicitor or for the adviser to send to an online legal solution to prepare the legal documents. 

Protect your clients and facilitate Estate Planning in under an hour

A comprehensive engagement process asking all the right questions to ensure your client’s wishes are captured in an estate planning briefing document for the solicitor. Provide clients with education and guidance about wills, enduring power of attorney, power of guardianship and testamentary trusts.

Astute Estate Planner - Estate calculators


Expand your service offering and profitability by facilitating Estate Planning in 60 to 90 minutes. Producing an Estate Plan briefing paper and protecting your clients is now easier than ever before.

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Step 1: Information Gathering

The client watches an education video and completes an online questionnaire which is sent to the adviser as a PDF and electronic data file

Video email

Clients receive video email from you carrying your logo.

Video email with your brand
Client education

Clients watch a short video explaining key estate planning terms.

Astute Estate Planner explainer key terms
Online questionnaire

Clients complete an online questionnaire at a secure site

Astute Estate Planner

Step 2: Client meeting

The adviser meets with the client and uploads the data file to discuss the client’s requirements.

Family tree diagram

Auto generates the client’s family tree for discussion of key relationships and potential issues.

Family Tree
Entity diagram

Auto generates a visual showing the client’s entities (personal, joint, super, family trusts & companies) and the assets within each entity for the client to easily understand their structures.

Structure options

Provides a visual showing how the clients assets and entities are being distributed and the choices that can be made. Testamentary Trusts can also be discussed.


Step 3: Briefing document

Once all the data has been entered and decision made the system auto generates a 16 page personalised briefing paper for the client to take to their solicitor or for the adviser to send to an online legal solution to prepare the legal documents

Accountant or Adviser as facilitator

16 page personalised briefing document auto-generated in MS Word.

Auto generated Estate plan briefing, adviser or account

Briefing doc goes to; their lawyer, your recommended lawyer, or to an Astute-integrated online legal provider.

Estate Planning implementation
Lawyer as facilitator

Personalised briefing doc goes to para-legal or an Astute-integrated online legal providers to draft the Wills and Estate Documents.

Auto generated Estate plan briefing, adviser or account

Emma explains how Astute Estate Planner makes this daunting process much easier for financial advisors and their clients and by using the online estate planning software how the entire process has become quicker and more streamlined.

Emma Cunningham, Financial advisor, QLD.

I find the estate planning tool very simple to use and very easy for a client to understand. Clients are walking away really thankful that you have made them aware that it may not be just a Will and enduring power of attorney that they need but they may also need a testamentary trust. We just find the tool fantastic to use to engage with our clients.

Matthew Bazzica, Financial Planner, SA.

AstuteWheel has helped me to quantify and answer the fundamental questions almost all clients want to know, that is: “how’s my retirement income looking and what can I do about it?”. We have embedded the AstuteWheel process to create a much more client friendly and efficient fact finding process, review ... more

Brad Downes, Managing Director, Progressive Financial Planners, NSW

Congratulations on the estate planning tool. Simply brilliant! more

Reuben Zelwer, Senior Partner, Adapt Wealth Management, Malvern VIC

Estate planning is going so well. It is all done online-electronically and clients LOVE it. Astute Estate Planner is amazing! Worth the wait. Well done! more

Janean Hicks, Director, MVP Wealth

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