Andrew Julius – PSK Financial Service Copy

Partner | Senior Adviser, PSK Financial Service,

I have been using Astute Financial Planner for over two years now and it has become an invaluable part of my business.

It allows me to:

  • send a link to prospects which allows them to provide information about their personal affairs before our first meeting – saving a massive amount of time
  • demonstrate that I use dynamic, client-friendly and attractive systems (perhaps compared to other planners being assessed)
  • open meetings with a discussion about the Five Minute Financial Health Check and move on to reviewing the About You Questionnaire which invariably needs some clarification and unearths necessary conversation beneath the data
  • use the information as a  starting point for future reviews (it is always difficult to quickly first out where-you-are-at before a review without systems)
  • use the calculators to demonstrate and track value from the outset (which can be difficult for a relatively new planner)
  • screen for tire-kickers. Whilst for (older) genuine prospects, I will happily assist them with completion of information. I recently declined an appointment with someone who never completed necessary information. It was cathartic; I know I would have wasted hours on that person.
  • Use the system in conjunction with other technology (eg Suitebox) to provide a better client experience.
  • Help older clients understand that their money won’t run-out and they can enjoy spending more (while they can)

These are but a few of the benefits I have experienced with the software which has become a valuable part of my client experience and service delivery.

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