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Managing Director, Progressive Financial Planners, NSW

For the first 15 years of my career, I referred hundreds of clients to various solicitors to get wills and powers of attorney drafted. Whilst we diligently set up referral partners, making it very lucrative for our lawyer friends, I (and our clients) were rarely satisfied with the overall outcome. More often than not communication back to us was limited, if it existed at all. It was a matter of handing over the relationship to the lawyers.

Now however, with the use of the Astute Wheel we completely manage and facilitate this entire process. We make sure the client’s estate plans are complete, in an efficient and compliant way.

With fixed pricing we have assisted at least 25 cases in the past 12 months or so for clients with wills incorporating testamentary trusts, enduring powers of attorney and enduring guardianships.

We provide the clients and View Legal (or the clients’ lawyers) with; detailed briefing documents outlining their statement of financial position, including a family tree; all required information for beneficiaries, executors, trustees; along with any information that is pertinent to the client situation. Information such as; beneficiaries at risk of relationship breakdowns, high-risk occupations, financially gullible or disabled beneficiaries et cetera. All of this information is captured via the Astute Wheel interactive questionnaire.

Having facilitated this process for many clients we get a far better in-depth understanding of our clients. More often than not we facilitate family meetings with the beneficiaries and executors for our clients which obviously gives us a fantastic lead into the next generation.

The Astute Wheel produces almost all of the required documentation for this facilitation agreement.”

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