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Provide clients with valuable advice in an efficient and compliant way.

Australia’s best Tools and Modelling Calculators built by Financial Advisers for Financial Advisers.

The New Standard for Financial Advisers

The Astute Financial Planning Software has been developed by advisers for advisers, to be intuitive and easy-to-use. A structured end-to-end process for delivering professional financial advice. Advisers Australia wide are capitalising on their career knowledge to instantly deliver advice in a better way, and to more clients.

Financial planning calculators

20 Modelling Calculators

High level strategy modelling to impress the socks off any client. They are live, powerful, professional and only available from Astute.

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Client Education Tools

Client Education Tools

Sophisticated and clear communications from the adviser makes the advice process rewarding for clients and advisers alike.

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Information Gathering Systems

Information Gathering Systems

Clients prefer the convenience of digital forms and questionnaires and know it will make their meeting time productive and rewarding.

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Marketing toolset

Astute Financial Planner comes with a set of marketing templates, like electronic direct mail and referral strategies, all carry your brand.

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How it works

Step 1: Info gathering

Professional and engaging first contact for initial or review meetings and disengaged clients, automate information gathering.

Make contact

Improves engagement with prospects and clients

Useful tips and coaching with guide scripts

telephone call guide script
Senfd a Tailored email
Tailored email

Confirms appointments, with actions your clients follow

Email template with video link.

Email template with video link.
Automated forms
Automated forms

Completed by prospect or client and then automatically emailed to you

5 Minute Financial Health Check
About You Questionnaire
Review Changes Questionnaire

Financial Health Check and Questionnaires
Schedule a follow up
Follow up

Scripted calling, if 5MHC, AYQ or RCQ reports not received

Use telephone call guide script

telephone call guide script
Tools to educate clients
Client education

Videos and other resources to explain key concepts and terminologies prior to meeting

Financial planning explainer videos

Client education

Step 2: Meeting prep

Access to information early allows for meetings to be planned and all client’s issues to be addressed through modelling tools.

Work with client data
Work with data

Login to AstuteWheel’s Virtual Meeting Room.

Choose ‘existing’ or ‘new’ client

Setup for a new or existing client
Review client’s issues and priorities

Review client’s reports, determine issues and priorities

5 Minute Financial Health Check

5 Minute Financial Health Check
Look for opportunities
Find Opportunities

Review your client’s latest information forms and look for ways to add value

Changes & About You Questionnaires

Review your client’s latest information
Model your ideas prior to meeting
Test Modelling

Quickly explore strategy options prior to meeting

Practice modelling using client supplied data

Test client supplied data
Plan your financial advice
Link to Strategies

Prioritise your advice and plan the meeting using the AstuteWheel File Note

Use the AstuteWheel file note

Step 3: Meeting

Expect noticeably better outcomes from your Initial & Review meetings using the AstuteWheel tool set.

Live modelling
Review & discuss

Review 5MFHC, AYQ or RCQ and uncover important extra information.

Engage by asking the right questions

5 Minute Financial Health Check
Re-engage clients, show value and upgrade
Prioritise & scope

Through discussions determine what client’s needs are

Use AstuteWheel slides to explain comprehensive financial advice

Confirm priorities
Presentation tools
Presentation tools

Present AstuteWheel Methodology for rapid comprehension and engagement

Use slides and videos to explain your value proposition

Present AstuteWheel Methodology
Live modelling
Educate Clients

Explain how strategies work and compare alternatives

Use modelling calculators and graphs to simplify explanations

Astute modelling calculators
Live modelling
Demonstrate Value

Demonstrate value through realtime modelling of strategy options

Choose appropriate calculators to explore and agree on strategies

agree on strategies

Step 4: Price advice

Expect better conversations and higher fees from a more effective client value proposition

Price Financial Advice
Scope advice

Agree on segments, in scope and out of scope

Use AstuteWheel segments to determine scope of advice

AstuteWheel segments
Confirm the value of financial advice
Confirm value

Quantify the value of your advice for in-scope segments

Use the AstuteWheel to summarise benefits

AstuteWheel segments
Justify your ongoing service
Ongoing service

Demonstrate the value of regular reviews

Use Review Process video and discussion of comprehensive process

Review Process video
Justify your ongoing service
Price your advice

Price advice per segment or by ongoing service package

Use wheel segments and value-add to determine price

Scope AstuteWheel segments
Seek price agreement
Advice Agreement

Seek price agreement and sign-off for Ongoing Service.

Use  your own LOE or OSA (Dealer group specific)

OSA or LOE for Dealer Group

Step 5: Compliance Trail

Client Reports along with AstuteWheel Generated File Notes form your compliance audit trail

Financial Services Compliance

The 5 Minute Financial Health Check identifies client’s priorities and scope of advice

Saved on the system or printable

System saved and printable
Financial Services Compliance

AYQ is the start of your Fact Find, and the RCQ captures important changes

Saved on the system or printable

System saved and printable
Financial Services Compliance
File note

AstuteWheel file notes links client needs to appropriate strategies

Saved on the system or printable

System saved and printable
Financial Services Compliance
Saved Scenarios

Modelling scenarios can be reproduced for compliance

Saved on the system and recalled when required

System saved and printable
Financial Services Compliance
Dealer Compliance

Dealer Group specific Fact Find and Risk Profile Questionnaires

Data base can be expanded to cater for more questions

Dealer Compliance

Step 6: Marketing Arsenal

Tools to build your client base via your centres of influence and current clients.

Market to Centres of Influence
Centres of Influence

Improve COI’s trust in your process and the value you add to clients

Show depth and breadth of your advice with modelling calculators and tools

Astute modelling calculators
Financial Services referral networks
Client Referrals

Demonstrably improved client experience makes referral discussion easier

Use 5MFHC to demonstrate continuous improvement and client satisfaction

5 Minute Financial Health Check
Re-engage clients, show value and upgrade
Disengaged Clients

Re-engage clients, show value and upgrade them to your ongoing service proposition

Use the disengaged client link when sending annual fee disclosure emails

show value and re-engage clients
Web tools

Articulate your Client Value Proposition through short videos

Videos can be used in meetings or embedded on your website

Explainer videos
Market your financial advice
Marketing Tool

How-we-can-help-you allows clients to quickly identify benefits of financial advice for them personally

HWCHY tool can be embedded on your website or sent as a link to clients

Online tool shows how you can help

Want to see more?

To find out more about how Astute's Financial Planning Software works, head on over to our video page.

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Financial Planner Tools & Calculators

Financial Planner Training

From regular scheduled Webinars, online video tutorials to bi-annual User Forums in your closest capital city, there are many ways we can help you learn and get the most out of Astute Financial Planner. 1 day workshops are also available with CPD Points.

Financial Planning Software Training

Brett comments that the Astute Financial Planner has revolutionised how they engage with clients and provides his financial advisers with structure and purpose in meetings. Clients are engaged in the process and he attributes the financial planning software and financial calculators with an increase in his business as his clients are actually getting it now.

Brett Abikhair, Principal & Financial Advisor, Crows Nest, The Selector Group.

We have re-engineered our practice’s client offering – especially our financial advisory offering, from a traditional investment/transactional based offering to a new Wealth Management and Advisory offering which services clients’ broader needs and can solve far more complex financial issues for them. We are using Astute Wheel’s client engagement tools ... more

Barry Hayes
Director, Hayes Girling Financial, Rowville VIC

There is no doubt that the only way to really see how powerful the software to be is to take it for a test drive. I can truly say that it has reopened my eyes to the ways we can make a difference to clients’ lives by taking on a ... more

Peter Audet
Managing Director, Varria, West End QLD

I met with a local solicitor for the first time and I took her through the Financial Planner Client Engagement platform to show her our methodology when meeting a new client. She confirmed she would be referring every client to me.  I have been using the Astute Wheel for a ... more

Paul Birch
BFT Group, Erina NSW

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