Shannon Smit

Director, Smart Business Solutions Financial Planning, Mornington, Victoria

When we used our old “client engagement” process we would send our licensee’s 101 page document to clients and ask them to complete it.

It took forever to get a response, if we got one at all, and going through it in a face-to-face meeting was a nightmare.

We recently implemented AstuteWheel in our business. Following our new client engagement process meant that we now send out their video email to clients which asks them to click on a “link” to complete a 5 Minute Financial Health Check and an About You Questionnaire (Mini Fact Find).

Within just a few weeks all those clients who had ‘ignored’ our big document, responded. We ended up with 21 active plans that needed to be completed!

As an accountant who is part-time in my financial planning business (one day per week), and a full time admin resource, this was a huge task, but a great problem to have!

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