Information Gathering Systems

No client enjoys watching an adviser waste precious meeting time collecting basic fact find data. They understand providing their information prior to a meeting will make meetings more productive, more about them, and more valuable. For the adviser too, meetings are made more efficient and valuable, often with fewer meetings required. It shows your practice has moved on from 19th century processes and that you value their time invested with you.

About you questionnaire. Information Gathering Systems. Astute Financial Planner

‘About You’ Mini Fact Find Questionnaire

In preparation for meeting with you, clients complete a short online Mini-Fact Find. This questionnaire takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete and the information is sent directly to the adviser where it is automatically saved in the client’s electronic file in a secure database.

Further information can later be added to complete a full fact find with no double handling of information.

This information can also be shared with other CRM’s through API software.

5 minute financial health check. Information Gathering Systems. Astute Financial Planner

5 Minute Financial Health Check

The 5 Minute Financial Health Check asks a number of thought provoking questions across the six areas of advice, different questions are asked for an accumulator v retiree.

Clients get a better understanding of the breadth of the advisers’ service offering and often identify new areas of concern that they now want to discuss.

Advisers now have an agenda for the meeting based on the clients’ priorities and a work scoping document as advised by the client.

Review changes questionnaire

Client Changes and e-Reverse Fact Find

Prior to a Review Meeting clients complete an online Changes Questionnaire prompting them to consider any changes in their circumstances since their last review. They are then asked to review the existing information in their client file database and provide updated information or make changes as required.

Advisers receive a report providing information about relevant changes and any updated client base information. They can accept the changes to seamlessly update the electronic client file and use the information to plan for the review meeting.