Financial planning software. Astute Financial Planner


Conduct financial modelling with the client to explain complex financial strategies using AstuteWheel’s suite of financial calculators.

When a client clearly understands a strategy and how it may improve their financial position they are more likely to value your advice and proceed with recommendations.

Financial Planning calculators

Income Calculators

Many Australians don’t really understand how they are taxed and how the different tax brackets work. Our suite of four income calculators allow you to quickly and easily identify how much tax a client is paying and how this can be reduced using various strategies.

The Salary Sacrifice calculator allows you to model the effect of using pre-tax dollars to boost your superannuation rather than using after tax dollars for a non-super investment.

  • Income Tax Calculator
  • Income Split Calculator
  • Salary Sacrifice Calculator
  • Capital Gains Calculator

Investment calculators

When a client has surplus funds they want to know “what are my options and which of these options is best for me.” Our investment suite of calculators compare and contrast these options given your client’s risk profile, tax rate and investment horizon.

The portfolio calculator allows you to model, lump sum investments, geared investments, savings plans, geared savings plans or a combination of each strategy.

  • Investment Options Calculator
  • Portfolio Calculator
  • Property Analysis
  • Rent vs Buy

Debt calculators

Debt is an often overlooked but critical part of the client’s financial plan. A 2-3% increase in interest rates can be catastrophic to a client’s cash flow and the difference between good debt (investment) and bad debt (personal) is not well understood by clients.

Restructuring a client’s debt can produce massive cashflow benefits and debt recycling could be a way to take years off your client’s mortgage.

  • Cost of Debt Calculator
  • Debt Analysis Calculator
  • Debt Recycling Calculator

Insurance calculators

The insurance needs analysis calculators provide the financial planner with a structured discussion to capture key information from the client around their insurance needs. The process is flexible and intuitive with the end result being a comprehensive and logical needs analysis with file notes automatically generated.

Because the analysis is saved on the system a yearly review can be done in minutes, just one way a financial adviser can show value using this calculator.

  • Life Insurance Calculator
  • Income Protection Calculator
  • Total and Permanent Disability Calculator
  • Trauma Calculator
  • Critical Illness Calculator
  • Summary page & file notes

Retirement calculators

All your client’s want to know if they are on track to retire comfortably or if their money will last throughout their retirement. The AstuteWheel retirement calculator suite allow you to model a client’s retirement needs including transition to retirement strategies and age pension.

Financial planners can quickly determine whether a client is on track, adding non-super assets and in depth analysis is also catered for if you need to take the discussion deeper.

  • Retirement Calculator – (superannuation current)
  • Retirement Calculator – (superannuation proposed)
  • Transition to Retirement Calculator
  • Age Pension Calculator

Estate Planning Calculators

Only available in Astute Estate Planner or bundled within Astute Financial Planner 360.

Astute’s Estate Planning Tools provide the adviser with an end-to-end process for facilitating the estate planning needs of their clients.

STEP 1: The client watches an education video and completes an online questionnaire which is sent to the adviser as a PDF and electronic data file.

STEP 2: The adviser meets with the client and uploads the data file to discuss the client’s requirements.

  • CALCULATOR 1 auto generates the client’s family tree for discussion of key relationships and potential issues.
  • CALCULATOR 2 auto generates a visual showing the client’s entities (personal, joint, super, family trusts and companies) and the assets within each entity for the client to easily understand their structures.
  • CALCULATOR 3 provides a visual showing how the clients assets and entities are being distributed and the choices that can be made. Testamentary Trusts can also be discussed.

STEP 3: Once all data has been entered and decisions made, the system auto generates a 16 page personalised briefing paper for the client to take to their solicitor or for the adviser to send to an online legal solution to prepare the legal documents.