Retirement Calculators

Astute’s Retirement Planner add-on calculators allow you to model a client’s retirement needs including transition to retirement strategies and age pension.

Retirement calculators. Transition to retirement

Retirement calculator

The retirement calculator enables you to quickly and easily show your client where they are currently headed with their retirement funding and what strategies they can consider implementing to improve their circumstances.

The Current Scenario calculator models both superannuation and non-superannuation assets, expected Centrelink payments, and expected expenses to determine when the clients’ funds will run out.

The Proposed Scenario calculator models the effect of implementing various strategies: like working longer, salary sacrificing, one-off contributions such as downsizing the home, or investing more aggressively.

Enhance and improve the value of your review meetings and initial client meetings with a modelling calculator that shows how you can make a real difference to your client’s retirement outcomes.

Retirement calculator - Astute Financial Planner

Transition to retirement calculator (TTR)

Transition to retirement is a difficult strategy to explain and with the new rules will be most suitable for clients over age 55 in the higher tax brackets

Our modelling calculator takes the hard work out of explaining this strategy with simple inputs and easy to understand visuals to show your clients the benefits this strategy can make to their circumstances.

You can then apply the strategy to the retirement modelling calculator to show clients how this strategy can improve their retirement outcome.

Transition to Retirement calculator - Astute Financial Planner

Age pension calculator

Many clients will rely on some level of Centrelink support and even a small amount of aged pension payments has other benefits such as access to a pension concession cards providing health concessions and a reduction in costs for some goods and services.

The age pension calculator allows you to determine the expected age pension your client can expect and the effect of certain strategies to improve their circumstances.

Age Pension Calculator - Astute Financial Planner
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