Live Modelling

Modelling calculators quickly communicate how appropriate financial strategies may improve the client’s financial position, so they’re able to make informed decisions.

Calculator Suites

Income Calculators

Calculators included
Income tax calculator
Income Split Calculator
Salary Sacrifice Calculator
Capital Gains Tax Calculator
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Income calculators. Salary sacrifice calculator

Four income calculators that will empower you to:

  • Quickly and easily identify how much tax a client is paying
  • Demonstrate how tax can be reduced using various strategies
  • Model the effect of using pre-tax dollars to boost your superannuation rather than using after-tax dollars for a non-super investment
  • Model and see the effects of income splitting strategies
  • Demonstrate the effects of CGT on sale of an asset
  • Prompt a discussion on life insurance based on live client data displayed for net income and spending.

Investment Calculators

Calculators included
Investment Options Calculator
Portfolio calculator
Property Analysis calculator
Rent vs Buy calculator
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Investment Planner - Investment calculators

Four investment calculators to:

  • Quickly demonstrate various investment options to the client graphically
  • Compare and contrast investment options based on your client’s risk profile, tax rate and investment horizon
  • Model lump sum investments, geared investments, savings plans, geared savings plans or a combination of each strategy

Debt Calculators

Calculators included
Debt Analysis Calculator
Debt recycling calculator
Cost of Debt Calculator
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Debt planner calculators

Astute Debt Planner’s three calculators allow for:

  • Live modelling of cashflow and cost of debt
  • Modelling the effects of interest types and rates on cashflow
  • Demonstrating mortgage reduction strategies
  • Illustrating wealth creation strategies and identify ‘good’ and ‘bad’ debt to your client.


Insurance Calculators

Calculators included
Details tab
Life Insurance Calculator
Income protection calculator
Total & Permanent Disability Calculator
Trauma Calculator
Insurance summary
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Insurance planner calculators

Six powerful insurance modelling calculators that will:

  • Accurately confirm the clients’ details and assumptions, for precise control of insured amounts
  • Determine cover required should either partner not survive
  • Determine a client’s income protection options and wishes with ease
  • Instantly illustrate the effects of TPD cover settings on their annual cashflow
  • Visually show detail on the components of their trauma needs and what accumulated lump sum might be required.
  • Enter client’s current insurance policies details in fact find database
  • Add new insurance policy details in the “policies tab”
  • Auto-generate a concise and compliant Risk SOA that a client can read and understand (60 seconds).

Retirement Calculators

Calculators included
Retirement calculator
Transition to retirement calculator (TTR)
Age pension calculator
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Retirement calculators

Three important modelling calculators for use in:

  • Giving your client a clear snapshot of their current retirement trajectory
  • Easily identify client’s outstanding mortgage on retirement and the impact of non -super debt and investments to get a true retirement outcome
  • Modelling the effects of delayed retirement, salary sacrificing, one-off contributions or perhaps a more aggressive investment stance
  • Resolving the difficulty of explaining TTR rules and visually demonstrates the benefits of your proposed transition to Retirement strategy
  • Accurately determine expected age pension for your client and make live presentation of strategies to improve their circumstances.

Estate Calculators

Calculators included
Family Tree diagram
Entity Diagram
Structure Diagram
Briefing paper for lawyer
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Estate Planning Calculators

Add this suite of calculators to Astute Client Engager or Astute Financial Planner to:

  • Automatically educate clients on crucial estate planning terms
  • Prompt considered responses to tough questions they’ll need to make prior to meeting with you
  • Automatically build a family tree diagram that illustrates family structures, even complex blended families
  • Provide a visual representation of how your client’s assets are owned and controlled
  • Show the assets held by each entity by hovering over any icon for an entity
  • Instantly demonstrate to your client how various assets could be treated in their estate plan should either of them, or both, become deceased.

More advisers can now enter this previously specialist field of financial advice. Our set of estate planning tools now makes the process of protecting your clients’ estate into an expedient and profitable journey.

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