Estate Calculators

Automatically captures your client’s wishes in an estate planning briefing document for the solicitor. Provides clients with education and guidance about wills, enduring power of attorney, power of guardianship and testamentary trusts.

Estate planning calculators

Family Tree diagram

The family tree is autogenerated and provides for an in-depth discussion with the clients about key family members and the roles they may take and any individuals problems to be taken into consideration.

Advisers and lawyers can also take this opportunity to discuss the financial and estate needs of the client’s elderly parents, siblings and adult children who may need professional assistance.

Estate Planner - Family tree

Entity Diagram

The snapshot page is auto generated once information around entities and assets & liabilities has been captured. This shows who ultimately owns and controls each asset and how they are treated in terms of the estate.

Clients can now easily understand their, often complex, professional structures (sometimes for the first time) and discussions around strategies become clearer and decision making easier.


Structure Diagram

The structure pages provide a visual representation of what happens to assets if either client (or both clients) become deceased.

An Adviser can clearly explain how various assets could be treated in their estate plan

  • Individually owned assets – automatically pass through the Will and are identified on the left hand side.
  • Superannuation assets – can be allocated through the Will or to the beneficiary directly as a lump sum or pension (reversionary pension or child allocated pension)
  • Company or Trust assets – are clearly identified and need to be addressed separately with the Lawyer
  • Testamentary trusts – can be discussed as an alternative to bequeathing assets directly to individuals.

Briefing paper for lawyer

Once all the data has been entered and a decision made, the system auto-generates a 16-page personalised briefing paper for the client to take to their solicitor or for the adviser to send to an online legal solution to prepare the legal documents.

Once the client understands the importance of an estate plan and has a document that outlines their wishes they feel much more confident to take the next step to implementation.

Auto generated Estate plan briefing, adviser or account
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