Virtual Meetings

In this new world of social distancing where Advisers and their clients are working from home, virtual meetings will become the new normal. As an AstuteWheel user you are perfectly positioned to use our software to provide visual and interactive virtual (screen share) meetings

But we know that doing things in a new way can be hard at first so we’re providing you with some assistance through some great tools and calculators.

1) Virtual Mini “Settling Clients Down” Review Meetings – Retirement

A number of advisers are busy conducting these meeting already with great success. We can share their experience with you in a very practical way. How to use the Retirement Calculator to prepare a few very valuable slides for you to go through online with your clients. And, some tips on how to help you get comfortable to prepare a position statement “This is where you are now – and this is the improvement if we implement the following strategies to get you back on track” live modelling.”

2) Virtual Review Meetings – Retirement

Most client review meetings will have a priority around the superannuation investment portfolio and during a market correction, clients will appreciate you conducting a review even if they can’t come to your office.

We will show you how to conduct the retirement review meeting using our visual tools to make the process interactive and interesting for your client.

3) Virtual Review Meetings – Insurance

Front of mind for many of our clients at the moment will be whether they have the appropriate life insurance in place. This webinar will show you how to conduct a complete a virtual needs analysis meeting using our new insurance calculator.

The screen-based nature of this calculator makes it easy to use with clients and then in minutes you can complete a strategy paper to email to clients and forward to a paraplanner providing them with instruction to complete the SOA.

4) Virtual Review Meetings – Estate Planning

Unfortunately, many Australians will pass away this year without an appropriate Will. This webinar will show you how to position estate planning to your clients and how to conduct a virtual estate planning meeting using our visual and interactive process.

At the end of the meeting you can generate a briefing document for the client to take to their solicitor or with a few clicks you can forward the information to an online solicitor and they can conduct a second virtual meeting and have the final documents emailed or sent to your client. They can do it all without leaving their home.

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