Social Distancing Survival Kit For Advisers

Virtual meetings are the new normal. We know doing things in a new way might be hard at first, so we’re providing you with assistance in many ways.

We want to show you how to make the most of the great tools and calculators available for advisers and clients working from home. A number of advisers are busy conducting these meeting already with great success. AstuteWheel tools are (1) easy to use and (2) explain things simply to clients, making them your best choice for providing visual and interactive screen-share meetings.


  • Learn basic and advanced skills in screen-share meetings
  • Get innovative ideas to improve your virtual client meetings
  • Settle your clients into working this way, for now and in the future
  • See how to conduct the Retirement Review Meeting using our visual tools
  • Give clients understanding of whether they are on track to a comfortable post work lifestyle
  • Screen-share visual strategies showing clients how to improve their position
  • Show your clients how long their superannuation will last
  • Demonstrate if they can afford ‘one off’ purchases such as holidays or motor vehicle upgrades
  • Show the impact of a market correction and display useful strategies such as downsizing their home in the future
  • Visually model the effect of switching to a lower fixed interest rate to find surplus funds
  • Compare the impact of making extra mortgage payments to salary sacrificing or starting a savings plans to determine how best to use these surplus funds
  • Demonstrate outcomes and risks live to client
  • See how quickly you can set up a client for a retirement review meeting
  • Acquire in minutes all that your support staff will need to provide invaluable virtual (or office) meetings