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Client Testimonials

We are using Astute Wheel’s client engagement tools and best practice processes to enhance the client experience. We have re-engineered our practice’s client offering which services clients’ broader needs and can solve far more complex financial issues for them. This transition commenced in 2014 with immediate favourable outcomes as recognised by our dealer group, Count Financial Limited for three years in a row.
(Barry Hayes Hayes Girling Financial, Rowville, VIC)

There is no doubt that the only way to really see how powerful the software to be is to take it for a test drive. I can truly say that it has reopened my eyes to the ways we can make a difference to clients' lives by taking on a combination of strategies simultaneously.
(Peter Varria, Managing Director, Varria)

The insurance calculator has been an excellent tool working with clients - a huge improvement on the ‘back of the envelope’ calculation the client had experienced with a previous adviser.
(Robert Reid, Financial Planner, RK Financial Planning, Sydney, NSW)


Excellent tool for adviser value proposition and client engagement. Best risk calculator I have seen in 20 years in the business.
(Peter Audet, Director, Varria, West End, QLD)


I found the Risk Calculator to be highly intuitive and the client will ultimately end up with more significant cover by moving through this process.
(Murray Bennett, Director, Warren Saunders Life & Superannuation, Hurstville, NSW)


I received responses from 30 prospective new clients. Of the 26 that I met with I would estimate that for at least 10 - 15 there is further work.
(Ben Mitchell, Client Advice, Priority Planners, Sydney, NSW)


I met with a local solicitor for the first time and I took her through the Astute Client Engagement platform to show her our methodology when meeting a new client. She confirmed she would be referring every client to me.
(Paul Birch, BFT Group, Erina, NSW)


It’s really engaging for my clients and helps them understand exactly what we can do for them, and the best part is, it’s twice as efficient for my business.
(Matt Leech, Financial Adviser, Incite Wealth, Sydney, NSW)

It’s going to be vital to my business and will give it a point of difference.
Paul Glennen (Principal, Glennen Financial Planning, Echuca, VIC)

Congratulations on the estate planning tool. Simply brilliant!
Reuben Zelwer – Adapt Wealth Management