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I received responses from 30 prospective new clients. Of the 26 that I met with I would estimate that for at least 10 – 15 there is further work.

I contacted the HR Manager at one of our Corporate Super Clients to see if she was comfortable in sending out an e-mail regarding an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a financial adviser (me).

She agreed and sent an e-mail (which I had drafted for her) to approximately 200 employees. The email included hyperlinks to the Astute Wheel electronic “5 Minute Financial Health Check” (“5MFHC”) and the “About You Questionnaire” (“AYQ”).

Meetings would only be conducted if these were completed and we gave them a 3 week cut off date to have them completed.

I received responses from 30 prospective new clients. I would say that 70% of the total responses received would have been in the first 2 days the communication was sent to the employees. The remaining 30% were sent back in the next couple of weeks. And about 10% were sent on the last 2 days. Overall approximately 50% of the employees completed both the “5MFHC” and the “AYQ”, 20% the “5MFHC” only, and around 30% completed the “AYQ” only.

The information provided in the “5 Minute Financial Health Checks” was very useful, and gave me a valuable understanding of the client and simple personal details. It also identified issues they believed they had and was a good point to start with. Even if they scored well in their self-assessment, when we started speaking they realised that things weren’t quite as in order as they had originally thought.

The information provided in the “About You Questionnaire” was also very useful and gave me more information about their personal situation. Most people only filled the basic details and didn’t elaborate in the free writing fields and goals.

I met with 26 employees, 2 people live in Melbourne and will be contacting them soon, and 2 people didn’t show up.

Results achieved so far: of the 26 that I met with I would estimate that for at least 10 – 15 there is further work. And 20 people received quotes for additional insurance but I am not sure how many will proceed.

I asked everyone in the meetings if the process was difficult or if they found it easy. All stated that they found it easy and the questions were not evasive and were also easy to answer.

I will definitely use this again as it was a good start and provided me with information regarding the clients before the meeting that I would not have already had.

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