New estate planning tool does the job in an hour

Money Management
June 8, 2016 AEST

Astute Estate Planner is a new estate planning tool which allows planners, financial advisers, accountants, risk advisers and lawyers to cut down their work to an hour or less.

Using the planner, a lawyer is able to meet with a client and confirm that draft documents satisfy them in 45-60 minutes, while an adviser can meet with, and document a client’s needs, in as little as half an hour.

AstuteWheel’s Hans Egger said the rapid speed of the tool would allow advisers to spend better quality time with clients and allow technology to speed up processes. “Clients can therefore complete much of the perfunctory information required by their professionals electronically before meeting with them,” he said.

“This translates to considerable savings in both time and money for the client and better, more efficient meetings not only for financial advisers but also for other professionals engaged in the process such as lawyers and accountants.”

Egger has called the planner ‘a seamless, cost-effective and efficient experience’ for clients, driven by AstuteWheel’s commitment to making processes simpler and more effective,

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