Estate planning tool to cut planning time to under an hour

June 10, 2016 AEST

AstuteWheel co-founder Hans Egger presented the estate planning tool, Astute Estate Planner, at a media event hosted at fintech start-up hub Stone and Chalk in Sydney yesterday.

Astute Estate Planner helps clients understand and consider important things, like deciding on an executor, guardians or beneficiaries before meeting with their estate planning professionals,” Mr Egger said.

Estate planning tool uses auto-generated visuals

Clients can therefore complete much of the perfunctory information required by their professionals electronically before meeting with them. The estate planning tool uses auto-generated visuals, including electronic family trees and entity diagrams recording the client’s wishes regarding wills, beneficiaries, powers of attorney and guardianship, and notes how they would like their estate to be distributed and protected, according to a statement.

The information collected and documented using Astute Estate Planner by the adviser can be imported into legal document generation systems such as, for example, Yodal and View Legal, to produce draft wills and estate planning documents for the lawyer for review and discussion with the client,” Mr Egger said. “This integration work has provided a seamless, cost-effective and efficient experience for clients.

The development of Astute Estate Planner follows last year’s launch of its estate planning module to its financial adviser users, the statement said.

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