AstuteWheel launches one-hour estate planning

Financial Standard Online
June 12, 2016 AEST

Adviser platform AstuteWheel has launched its Astute Estate Planner service, which enables rapid implementation of the estate planning process.

Specifically, the tool allows planners to “facilitate” the development of an estate plan – on which they are not legally allowed to advise – by consolidating relevant information on clients to “create a briefing document that streamlines the estate planning process.”

One-hour estate planning

This works using a four-step process: first, a client provides information online prior to meeting with the adviser; the adviser then documents the client’s wishes; a laywer reviews the generated briefing document and drafts a will; and then the lawyer meets with the client and verifies the will and estate planning documents.

Commenting on the launch, AstuteWheel co-founder Hans Egger said: “Astute Estate Planner helps clients understand and consider important things, like deciding on an executor, guardians or beneficiaries before meeting with their estate planning professionals. “Clients can therefore complete much of the perfunctory information required by their professionals electronically before meeting with them.”

Egger added: “The information collected and documented using Astute Estate Planner by the adviser, can be imported into legal document generation systems such as, for example, Yodal and View Legal, to produce draft Wills and estate planning documents for the lawyer for review and discussion with the client.”

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