Client Engagement

The client portal is an engaging and secure way to communicate with clients and prepare for meetings.

Improve your client engagement using a secure client portal where clients can provide and update their personal and financial information.

Clients can view their data at any time and access documents. The database populates your fact find, reverse fact find, the goals, values and scoping tools, and letters of engagement – saving you time.

Prospective clients receive an outstanding first impression with easy to complete questionnaires providing high level financial and personal information, goals and a financial health check to identify which areas of advice they require help with.

Existing clients access their advice documents securely and electronically sign them, update their information prior to review meetings and have the benefit of accessing all their financial information in the one secure place.

Advisers benefit from an efficient, secure communications process that is seen as part of their value proposition by the client.

Task List

Client Tasks

New and review clients login to the secure client portal when they complete the tasks set for them by the adviser. Here prospects provide information by completing the relevant questionnaires, and existing client update their information in preparation for the review meeting.

Financial Health Check

5 Minute Financial Health Check

The 5 Minute Financial Health Check asks a number of thought provoking questions across the six areas of advice, different questions are asked for an accumulator v retiree.

Clients get a better understanding of the breadth of the advisers’ service offering and often identify new areas of concern that they now want to discuss.

Advisers now have an agenda for the meeting based on the clients’ priorities and a work scoping document as advised by the client.

About You Questionnaire

‘About You’ Mini Fact Find Questionnaire

In preparation for meeting with you, clients complete a short online Mini-Fact Find. This questionnaire takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete and the information is sent directly to the adviser where it is automatically saved in the client’s electronic file in a secure database.

Further information can later be added to complete a full fact find with no double handling of information.

This information can also be shared with other CRM’s through API software.

Reverse Fact Find

Electronic Reverse Fact Find Report

When a client completes the online Electronic Reverse Fact Find advisers automatically receive a report highlighting any major changes to the client’s situation since the last meeting. Advisers can review the changes to either reject or accept them, which updates the fact find in the database. The system automatically maintains an electronic audit trail for compliance purposes.

Goals based advice

Goals Based Advice

Any advice provided to a client must help them achieve their goals. Understanding and documenting a client’s goals is a critical part of the financial planning process. Asking a client for their goals in a meeting can be confronting and may not produce a positive result.

An online goals questionnaire provides a list of goal prompts to assist clients determine their goals, and what the goals mean to them – the client’s voice. A goals tool enables the adviser and client to turn these into SMART goals. It includes all the ASIC requirements regarding time frames, importance, priority of goals, as well as tracking these (and any new goals) at review meetings.

Goals information can then be used in SOA/ROA and review documents.

Values based advice

Values based advice

The values questionnaire and tool helps clients determine what their values are. If an adviser clearly understands their clients’ values, they can build much deeper and more valuable relationships with their clients. Clients find it easier to make decisions and advisers are able to help their clients be accountable to their values.

Life Areas

Life areas

Once clients determine which life areas are most important to them they can prioritise their time and resources accordingly. This helps them set a framework for their values and assist them with making informed decisions.

Client are able to score how well they are doing in each life area and plan how to make improvements.

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