Automated Reporting Tools

Reports are automatically generated when clients complete online questionnaires and when advisers prepare client goals, scoping & scaling or modelling file notes.

Astute Online Financial Health Check

Financial Health Check (5MFHC) Report

When a client completes the online 5 Minute Financial Health Check covering the six areas of advice the system produces a two page report that includes;

  • An overall financial health score;
  • A score for each of the 6 areas of advice;
  • A score for each of the 30 questions.

This can be used as the agenda for the client meeting and assists with goal setting and advice scoping and scaling.

Astute Financial Fact Find online

Client Questionnaire Report

When a client completes the online About You Questionnaire the system produces a report for the adviser. This information is automatically added to the Fact Find and a summary page is produced which gives the adviser and client a quick snapshot of their financial situation. Additional information can be added to the Fact Find and this information pre-populates the modelling calculators so that with minimal additional inputs they can be used live with a client in the meeting

Financial Advice Review Online

Client Changes (CQ) Report

When a client completes the online Changes Questionnaire the system produces a report for the adviser.  So the adviser can prepare for the next meeting, the system highlights any major changes to the client’s situation since the last meeting.

Reverse Fact Find

Electronic Reverse Fact Find Report

When a client completes the online Electronic Reverse Fact Find advisers automatically receive a report highlighting any major changes to the client’s situation since the last meeting. Advisers can review the changes to either reject or accept them, which updates the fact find in the database. The system automatically maintains an electronic audit trail for compliance purposes.

Financial Plan Goal Tracking

Goal Setting & Tracking Report

After the adviser and client set the client’s goals using our Goals Tool, a Goals Report is automatically generated for easy reference and tracking purposes. Goals can be tracked at each meeting so updated reports can be produced with ease each time.

Scope of Financial Advice

Scoping & Scaling Report

Once the scoping and scaling has been completed using the Scoping Wizard a report is produced which can be used as;

  • A file note for compliance purposes
  • Attached to a Letter of Engagement and SOA or ROA
Complaint Advice File Notes

File Notes Automated Report

When modelling has been completed using any of the 20+ calculators, comprehensive file notes can be produced for compliance purposes and paraplanning briefings.

Personal Insurance Advice SOA

Personal Insurance Advice SOA

Enter client’s existing insurance policy information in the Fact Find database. Use the Risk Needs Analysis calculator live with the client. Paraplanner completes the risk research and adds summary information to the policies tab. Click on “Generate Wealth Protection SOA” and the SOA is produced.

Auto generated Estate plan briefing, adviser or account

Auto-generated Estate Plan Briefing Paper

After using the Estate Planning Tool the system produces a comprehensive 16 page Briefing Paper. This can be used as a file note for compliance purposes.

A copy can be given to the client as a record of their wishes and can be used for briefing an estate planning lawyer.

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