Astute Wheel boss likens FDS to Iraq ‘surge’ strategy

February 10, 2014 AEST
Financial advisers should look at preparing for the new fee disclosure statement regime in a similar way to the US Army’s “surge” strategy employed during the war in Iraq, according to AstuteWheel co-creator Hans Egger.

Mr Egger said the US strategy, in which 20,000 troops had their tours extended and new troops were added to the conflict, had a “profoundly positive effect on the outcome of the conflict” and should serve as a model for planners.

“Employing a surge strategy for reviewing clients should provide similar profound and long-term benefits to planners’ businesses,” Mr Egger said.

“Businesses should therefore take this opportunity to contact those clients who haven’t been reviewed for many years and identify ways to add value and broaden their services offering.”

Mr Eggers said the FDS has given planners the opportunity to strengthen relationships with clients by articulating their service offering and transition them to ongoing service agreements.

It also provides an opportunity to re-engage with clients who are not currently active and to attempt to upgrade their services, which will serve to secure ongoing revenue across the practice.

“Planning practices spent a great deal of time, money and effort organising their client databases and polishing up their client value propositions in readiness for the FDS regime,” Mr Eggers said.

“And, like a nation upgrading their infrastructure in preparation for a war that never eventuates – termed a ‘peace dividend – they can take advantage of perhaps the best-organised office they have ever had, or waste the opportunity.”

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