Xplan Integration with AstuteWheel

Financial planners can now get a true end-to-end software solution with the strength of AstuteWheel’s client engagement tools and the power of Xplan’s CRM and Statement of Advice production.

Integration summary

Client data can now be easily transferred to Xplan to create the SOA’s, ROA’s and to take advantage of Xplan’s CRM capabilities. Information flows from the AstuteWheel online questionnaires into the AstuteWheel client fact find database and then to each downstream tool providing efficiency for the adviser as well as capturing all the relevant compliance data. File notes and other documents generated through the AstuteWheel software can then be saved in Xplan to create your audit trail.


  • Use the AstuteWheel online questionnaires to gather client information
  • Use the AstuteWheel tools for Values, Goals and Scoping
  • Use the AstuteWheel calculators for scenario modelling live with clients
  • Use the AstuteWheel reports and comprehensive file notes for your compliance trail
  • Use the AstuteWheel to generate Strategy Papers and Statements of Advice

Astute Wheel and Xplan Integration

  • Create clients in AstuteWheel or in Xplan
  • Add AstuteWheel clients into Xplan
  • Add Xplan clients into AstuteWheel
  • Sync Clients and their Fact Find Data
  • Save AstuteWheel compliance trail documents, reports, modelling file notes, etc. in Xplan

If you are interested in the Astute/ROAR/Xplan integration then you need to confirm that your Xplan login has the following capabilities for the integration to work.

  • Client focus
  • Create clients
  • Create document
  • Create/edit document
  • Delete document
  • Delete document attachment
  • Edit client
  • Edit details
  • List/view clients
  • Login
  • Remove group data
  • View client
  • View clients(edit)
  • View portfolio

You also need to ensure your version of Xplan has been enabled for connecting with ROAR. The following dealer groups are currently enabled:

  • Count
  • Matrix
  • Centrepoint (pending)
  • Any self-licenced practice

The cost is $60pm* (plus GST) for the ROAR connector, you will require a ROAR connector for each AstuteWheel licence to connect to Xplan.

*This is an introductory price that will revert to the standard pricing of $75pm (plus GST) from 1 February 2021.

We are looking for an initial ten practices that would like to implement Xplan integration, you can register your interest by emailing if you:

  • Have all the capabilities switched on in Xplan
  • Are self-licenced or your dealer group has enabled the ROAR connection
  • Would like your first month of ROAR connection for free

The following videos show how the connectors work or you can read the AstuteWheel/Xplan Integration Guide.

If your version of Xplan is not enabled then you should contact your Dealer Group and request that they enable this for you. We have prepared the following templated email that you can forward to your dealer group representative.

Hi <Name>,

I am interested in using an integration platform called ROAR Software that provides the connection between Xplan and other applications, including Astute Wheel. It really requires no work at all from your end, apart from being comfortable with the security around the data flow.

My understanding is that there are already major dealer groups using this connection already.

Can you please help us look at turning this configuration on? If you’d like to speak to ROAR and arrange a quick meeting to take you through what’s involved, please contact

AstuteWheel Client Engagement Platform <i class="fas fa-phone mid-blue"></i> 02 94 533 588
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