Get more from your AstuteWheel tools

This revolutionary approach to financial planning software transfers the power back to the adviser. Choose the best fit for your budget and your practice needs.

Connect your tools

Decide what software you would like to use in addition to AstuteWheel in your practice, with the flexibility to add or remove from their tech stack when you choose.


AstuteWheel software has always focussed on providing tools for the ‘front end’ of the financial planning process where the interaction between client and adviser takes place and the value of your advice is communicated.

This approach ensures:

  • Advisers work with a structured, efficient and logical process for each client meeting
  • The client experience that is educational, empowering and valuable
  • A comprehensive compliance trail that is embedded in the process
  • Correct tool and reports: Values, Goals, Scoping & Scaling
  • Modelling calculators that can be used live with clients
  • Comprehensive modelling file notes
  • Comprehensive reports and modelling file notes for the compliance trail
  • Short, compliant plain English Strategy Papers and Statements of Advice

Current Integrations

AstuteWheel is currently integrated with the following systems. More CRM integrations coming soon.


Financial planners can now get a true end-to-end software solution with the strength of AstuteWheel’s client engagement tools and the power of Xplan’s CRM and Statement of Advice production.

Dash CRM

AstuteWheel is fully integrated with the Dash CRM giving advisors the flexibility, control, workflow and documentation capabilities. Create and sync clients in either platform, sync clients and fact find data, compliance trails and more.

Dash Integration Hub

AstuteWheel has partnered with Dash (previously ROAR) to provide financial planning practices with the flexibility to build their own Tech Stack of integrated financial planning software solutions for the 'back end' of the practice.