Initial Advice

Advisers can understand and plan for where the opportunities are, to improve a client’s circumstances. A better experience and a higher chance of transitioning a prospect to a paying client.

Enhance your advice delivery by using the goals tool and cashflow modelling calculators in a visual and easy-to understand way.

Use our tools to educate clients, set and track client goals, scope advice, produce compliant file notes, provide advice and generate review documents quickly.

Modelling calculators are used to determine retirement planning, insurance needs and compare various investment, debt or retirement strategies. The calculators are easy to use live with clients and the graphs generated and easy to grasp ensuring the client understands the advice and can make informed decisions about the strategies and expected outcomes.

File notes are easily generated as part of your audit trail and for the creation of your SOA’s and ROA’s.

Prepare for the client meeting

Prepare for the client meeting

Review the reports that are generated when the clients has completed the tasks and questionnaires set for them in the secure client portal. For example, Financial Health Check, Goals and the About you Questionnaire.

The adviser can now spend time in the meeting focussing on what is valuable to the client and the adviser rather than waste time collection data.

Scoping and Scaling of Advice Wizard

Scoping and Scaling of Advice Wizard

First we determine across each of the six areas of advice what will be In-Scope or not. This is determined by the client’s self-rated 5 Minute Financial Health Check score and any relevant goals from the Goals Tool (both are auto linked to the wizard).

The Scale Of Advice is then determined with the client and any matters not addressed are discussed with the client to confirm they understand the implications of their decisions. Drop down options and adviser notes are used to simplify this process and personalise for the client.

A comprehensive Scope of Advice Report is then generated and signed by the client, this provides a compliant file note as required by ASIC and becomes the basis for a letter of engagement.

Live Strategy Modelling

Live Strategy Modelling

There are 20+ modelling calculators across the 6 Areas of Advice so that advisers can educate their clients and demonstrate strategies visually so the clients can understand them.

And advisers can model strategies live with their clients to show them where they have real issues that need to be addressed. For example, retirement modelling to cashflow their income, expenses, superannuation, investments and liabilities to determine whether the clients will have sufficient funds to last through retirement or where they have shortfalls that need to be addressed through appropriate strategies.

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