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We know that when advisers attend a conference they want to hear about exciting new ideas, but importantly they also want an easy way to implement these ideas when they get back to their office. Otherwise, what’s the point?

AstuteWheel presentations provide your advisers with fresh ideas and tools that are easy to implement to;

  • Improve business efficiencies and compliance,
  • Add value to client meetings, expand their service offering and increasing their professionalism.

All this results in increased practice revenue and profitability.

The AstuteWheel team has many years of experience providing dealer group presentations and workshops at Conferences, Professional Development Days and Leaders Group Forums.

All our planners who are using AstuteWheel have seen a significant lift in client engagement from prospect to new client and retention of existing clients, because they have something new and exciting they can do for them. This is a huge credit to the value AstuteWheel brings to our planners and the way it can invigorate a financial planning practice.  You have created something truly brilliant and we are very grateful to you for this.

Michael Gershkov, National Practice Manager, Interprac Financial Planning

Presentations 40-60 minutes

Our presentations are a live demonstration of how the AstuteWheel software can be used in front of a client. Vastly different to those boring death-by-Powerpoint-slide-presentations littered with endless bullet points!

Advisers see for themselves the impact their clients will experience when typical client problems are identified and addressed. Complex strategies are modeled and explained in real time along with displays of simple-to-understand visuals that educate and empower clients to make informed decisions.

It has been a long time since something presented to me in this industry kept me awake at night, if ever. But your system yesterday at the Lonsdale forum has got me excited! I can see that this is going to transform my business and it looks to be a great fit with every important aspect of my current business.

Russell Wadey, Financial Planner, Pharus Advisory Group

Workshops 60-90 minutes

Our workshops take the adviser to a deeper level, working through a case study (or two) to make the adviser think about how they are currently conducting their meetings and client engagement and what could be done better.

The focus of our workshops is to improve; client value, adviser compliance, business efficiencies and revenue generation for the practice.

At the end of our workshops an adviser will not only have a clear understanding of how they can improve their business but also have a quick and easy way to implement that improvement when they return to their office.

We then provide ongoing training and support to make sure they get the most out of the software.

As a client facing tool AstuteWheel is fantastic. It allows me to actively engage clients and explain complex scenarios in a simple manner. Having AstuteWheel as part of our process has also streamlined our back office through efficient data collection. I would have no problem in recommending astute wheel to other firms

Roy Friend, Financial Adviser, Cambio Group

Dealer Groups can choose from the various options below or we can tailor a Presentation or Workshop to cater for your advisers needs.

Client Engagement & Marketing

This presentation looks at using technology to gather quantitative and qualitative information prior to a meeting, and to use this information to:

  • set the meeting agenda,
  • prioritise and scope the work based on the client’s information,
  • develop a meeting plan to ensure all relevant areas of the clients’ needs are addressed, and
  • Determine how best to position your business and articulate your value proposition.

We also look at the various marketing tools that can be used by advisers on their own websites and how to make their practice more attractive to centres of influence.

How to conduct a truly remarkable review meeting

Many adviser review meetings are simply a portfolio review and a discussion of the economic and share-market news of the month with a few changes to the portfolio recommended.

This presentation looks at using technology to conduct a structured review meetings that broadens the scope of the review across all areas of financial planning and provide a clients with a deep understanding of their goals and whether they are on track to achieve them.

The client will have no doubt about the value and importance of their annual review and the adviser will have a more satisfied client who is more likely to refer new clients.

How to conduct a truly remarkable insurance meeting

This presentation looks at how advisers can use technology to conduct a structured and comprehensive insurance needs analysis where the client is guided through a series of questions to determine what their family needs are if either client or partner were to become deceased or disabled.

In a 30-40 minute meeting the adviser will

  • position the importance of life insurance
  • guide the clients through a series of questions
  • instantly create graphical illustrations of the insurance needs
  • conduct what if analysis if assumptions are changed
  • provide transparent breakdowns of the insurance needs
  • auto generate a comprehensive file note & basis for recommendation

Advisers that adopt this approach will improve their compliance and provide a valuable service to their clients that can easily be reviewed each year as part of their review service offering.

Watching the AstuteWheel presentation was a jaw dropping experience, what this software does to provide a client friendly and understandable presentation is brilliant and well worth the fees. I believe these client facing tools will improve my productivity 2-3 times over.

Glenn Pitt, Financial Adviser, Beachside Financial Services

How to conduct a truly remarkable investment options meeting

A client that has funds to invest wants to know; “what are my options?” and “which of those options is best for me?” This is a difficult question for advisers to answer properly as it depends on so many client and market variables.

This presentation shows advisers how to use technology to quickly and easily explain the options graphically and then drill down into the option that the client wants to explore to understand how that strategy works, stress test the things that can go wrong and then model it to the client’s long-term goals.

An educated client that understands a strategy and accepts the associated risks is empowered to make an informed decision and will own that decision. They will also respect and value the adviser that took them through that journey.

Estate Planning – The New Black in Financial Planning

The Estate Planning presentations and workshops are focused on how an adviser can package and deliver this, often overlooked, area of financial planning into a revenue generating service that their clients’ truly value.

Our presentation takes the adviser through:

  • positioning the importance of estate planning
  • gathering the client information,
  • discussing what the client wants, and
  • producing a briefing paper for the client to instruct their lawyer, or
  • provide an online legal solution with one click

And it can all be done in just one hour of the adviser’s time.

Advisers that implement this service in their business can expect, a better client value proposition, improved compliance, intergenerational referrals, improved referrals from Centres of Influence and an improved revenue stream.

Hans did a presentation at our national conference where he conducted a practical session on estate planning with a focus on key issues to address as part of the engagement and facilitation process. Hans used AstuteEstate to deliver the content rather than a PowerPoint presentation which made for a lively and highly interactive session.  I certainly recommend that you work with Hans.

Michael Gershkov, National Practice Manager, Interprac Financial Planning

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