Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Use the secure client messaging system to communicate with clients. They can access and electronically sign documents in the client portal.

Manage clients using workflows, tasks and automation and monitor client activities and progress.

Data integration with Xplan and secure API connectivity with Microsoft Office for emails and calendar, open banking, investment feeds and insurance quotes are all scheduled for 2023.

Client Management

Client Management

AstuteWheel software focusses on providing tools for the ‘front end’ of the financial planning process where the interaction between client and adviser takes place and the value of your advice is communicated.

This approach ensures:

  • Advisers work with a structured, efficient and logical process for each client meeting
  • The client experience that is educational, empowering and valuable
  • A comprehensive compliance trail that is embedded in the process
  • Correct tool and reports: Values, Goals, Scoping & Scaling
  • Modelling calculators that can be used live with clients
  • Comprehensive modelling file notes
  • Comprehensive reports and modelling file notes for the compliance trail
  • Short, compliant plain English Strategy Papers and Statements of Advice.
Xplan Integration

API Integration – Xplan

Financial planners can now get a true end-to-end software solution with the strength of AstuteWheel and Xplan.


Information from questionnaires that the client completes goes into the client database and then to each of the downstream tools and calculators providing efficiency for the adviser as well as capturing all the relevant compliance data.


New client data can be easily transferred to Xplan, and existing client data in Xplan can be transferred to AstuteWheel. Therafter client data can be synced.

File notes and other documents generated through the AstuteWheel software can then be saved in Xplan to create your audit trail.

Dash Integration

API Integration – Dash


  • Use the AstuteWheel online questionnaires to gather client information
  • Use the AstuteWheel tools for Values, Goals and Scoping
  • Use the AstuteWheel calculators for scenario modelling live with clients
  • Use the AstuteWheel reports and comprehensive file notes for your compliance trail
  • Use the AstuteWheel to generate Strategy Papers and Statements of Advice


  • Send AstuteWheel client data to Dash
  • Send Dash client data to AstuteWheel
  • Sync client Fact Find Data
  • Save AstuteWheel modelling results into Dash to produce SOAs
  • Save AstuteWheel compliance trail documents, reports, modelling file notes, etc. in Dash
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