Financial planning compliance

AstuteWheel’s tools provide a structured, client-friendly experience where you can facilitate the conversations and also to collect all the financial planning compliance information along the way, saving you time and ensuring financial advice compliance requirements are met.

Financial Planning Compliance and Audit Trail

Financial Advisers love meeting with, and talking to, their clients. They love talking about their goals and devising strategies and plans about how to get their clients from point A to point B.

Then comes the next part that most financial advisers hate – the paperwork. All the stuff required in the client file to tick the financial advice compliance boxes, cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Compliance. Writing up the file notes. Briefing the paraplanner.

AstuteWheel makes financial planning compliance easy for advisors by automating the process for you. Do the things you love, use the tools live with the client so you can educate them and let them make informed decisions and then generate the file notes for the compliance and audit trail.

And do it in such a way that you only ever have to do each part ONCE.


Things the clients does before meetings – so you don’t have to waste time in the meeting:

  1. 5 Minute Financial Health Check
  2. About You Questionnaire (mini fact fact)
  3. Electronic Reverse Fact Find
  4. Goals Questionnaire

When the client presses “submit” each of these questionnaires a Report is generated, time and date stamped, and stored in the system. You can then download the Reports for the client file.

In the Meeting

There are a number of tools you can use live in the meeting with the client to educate the client, explain concepts and strategies and conduct live modelling. The tools are intuitive and easy for you to use and easy for the client to understand.

They help you show the client that you are switched on and they can clearly see the value you provide.

Tools and modelling calculators:

  1. Goals Tools (so you can help clients set and track their SMART Goals)
  2. Scoping and Scaling Tool

Compliant Advice Docs (prepared in minutes not hours):

  1. Strategy Documents
  2. Statements of Advice
  3. Records of Advice

Engagement Documentation:

  1. Letter of Engagement
  2. Fee Disclosure Statement
  3. Annual Advice Agreements

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