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Client education tools

Client education is crucial, yet even seasoned advisers can't justify time to educate certain clients. Our tools work because they facilitate rapid comprehension of complex financial concepts.

Astute's educational tools and videos enhance your client meetings and can work inside your own website. (We assist at initial setup). Our videos and the visual interactive marketing tool work to demonstrate to prospective clients how you, as their adviser, will help them manage important financial events in their life journey.

Financial presentation tools

Financial planning explained video

When clients watch this short video they are able to grasp the breadth and depth of financial planning and are more likely to agree to your initial and ongoing fees for advice.

In a few minutes they tour the six areas of financial planning and learn of several example strategies their financial planner will need to consider at every consultation. Advisers use this tool to ensure their clients quickly grasp the value of expertise they are bringing to every financial planning meeting.

The value of a regular reviews video

Financial planning review meetings are an integral part of every financial planner’s business. Clients must understand and see value in the review process before they agree to paying a fee for ongoing service.

By highlighting all the forces of change with potential for impact on a client’s financial goals, this three minute video helps your client see value in making recurring adjustment to any financial plan. The video also shows how a qualified adviser has the knowledge and skills to respond to market conditions or structural changes and keep the client on track to achieving their goals.

Importance of insurance video

Implementing appropriate levels of life insurance can be one of the most important things that an adviser can do for their clients but some clients just don’t get it.

This short video is designed to explain not only the importance of life insurance but how it integrates with all the other aspects of financial planning.

How we can help you tool

How we can help you tool

The ‘How We Can Help You’ marketing tool was designed to be a simple way of explaining how an adviser can assist a client given a particular circumstance in their life.

By using this tool a client doesn’t need to read pages of information on your website but can quickly choose their life event to see what they should be considering and how an adviser can assist.

This interactive educational and marketing tool can be used on your website or emailed to your disengaged clients to re-engage them into your practice.