Client education tools

Client education is crucial, yet even seasoned advisers can't justify time to educate certain clients. Our tools work because they facilitate rapid comprehension of complex financial concepts.

Astute’s educational tools and videos enhance your client meetings and can work inside your own website. (We assist at initial setup). Our videos and the visual interactive marketing tool work to demonstrate to prospective clients how you, as their adviser, will help them manage important financial events in their life journey.

Goals based advice

Goals Based Advice

Any advice provided to a client must help them achieve their goals. Understanding and documenting a client’s goals is a critical part of the financial planning process. Asking a client for their goals in a meeting can be confronting and may not produce a positive result.

An online goals questionnaire provides a list of goal prompts to assist clients determine their goals, and what the goals mean to them – the client’s voice. A goals tool enables the adviser and client to turn these into SMART goals. It includes all the ASIC requirements regarding time frames, importance, priority of goals, as well as tracking these (and any new goals) at review meetings.

Goals information can then be used in SOA/ROA and review documents.

Financial Planning Explained video

Once a client can grasp the breadth and depth of what a financial planner brings to each meeting then they will be more likely to agree to initial and ongoing fees for advice.

The many facets of financial planning can be complex and time consuming to explain. This short video will help a client understand that there are many different strategies that a financial planner needs to consider and re-consider at every meeting.

Importance of insurance video

Implementing appropriate levels of life insurance can be one of the most important things that an adviser can do for their clients but some clients just don’t get it.

This short video is designed to explain not only the importance of life insurance but how it integrates with all the other aspects of financial planning.

Importance of a review video

The financial planning review meeting is an integral part of the financial planner’s business. A client needs to understand the review process and see value in the ongoing service before they agree to paying a fee.

This short video will help a client understand that every year many constantly changing factors can impact their financial plan and a qualified adviser has the knowledge and skills to react to these changes and keep the client on track to achieve their goals.

How we can help you tool

How we can help you

The ‘How We Can Help You’ marketing tool provides examples to clients on how their financial adviser can asssist in a myriad of life events likely to occur in their life.

By using this tool a client doesn’t need to wade through pages of text on your website. Instead they quickly choose their life event to see what they should be considering and how an adviser can assist.

This interactive education and marketing tool can be used inside your website or emailed to your disengaged clients to re-engage them into your practice.

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