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What Advisers Say

Watch what real financial advisers say about AstuteWheel.

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David Purain - Acumen Wealth Management

The 1-day Astute Advisor course in Sydney was highly informative, interactive and enjoyable. Solid concepts and principles discussed, which provided me with a good foundation upon which I’ve been able to go do further research and expand on. Yves Stening from iCommunicate was absolutely brilliant. 
I hopped on the plane the next day and reviewed some of the concepts and notes from the course on my way home. Reading the material the 2nd time enabled me to reflect and reinforce the learnings from the course and enabled me to come up with a good all-round service proposition for new and existing clients. Hoping to implement as soon as possible.

(David Purain, Financial Adviser, Acumen Wealth Management, Subiaco, WA)

Robert Reid - RK Financial Planning

So far the 5 Minute Financial Health Check has been great. I have used it with a few new clients already and it has been a good discussion starter for the most critical issues – from the client’s perspective rather than ours. 

The insurance calculator has been an excellent tool working with clients. I had one comment from a client saying that it was a huge improvement on the ‘back of the envelope’ calculation he had experienced with a previous adviser. It clearly links the sums insured back to the client’s needs and prompts discussions around the other aspects such as stepped vs level premiums, any vs own occupation etc”.

(Robert Reid, Financial Planner, RK Financial Planning, Sydney, NSW)