Anne Farrell

Client Services and Development Testing | BEc (Actuarial Studies), MSc (Finance), BTeach (Sec)

Anne Farrell - AstuteWheel

Anne Farrell completed the Actuarial Studies degree at Macquarie University in the late 80’s. This introduced her to the finance industry, working as a quantitative analyst (and a brief stint as an options dealer) at MLC and AMP for 7 years.

Anne specialised in the software side of financial management by joining Financialware in 1994, providing technical expertise in the development of fixed interest risk management systems for banks and financial intermediaries. She then moved to the UK when the company was bought by Misys in 1999. In her role as Principal Consultant, Market Risk, she supported and promoted market risk software to banks all over the world. During her time in London, Anne completed her Masters in Finance at the London Business School in 2002.

She returned in 2004 and worked in various roles with various enterprises covering risk management, financial planning and resources. Anne has been working with Michael and Hans at AstuteWheel almost since inception and is thrilled to be part of the team.

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