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Take your first step into digitally supported advice delivery with Astute Client Engager. Add enhancement modules as you need them.

Astute Client Engager - Client Engagement Platform

Astute Client Engager

Astute Client Engager is the most efficient and professional way to onboard prospective clients, conduct review meetings and reinstate your disengaged clients.

Advisers are being held to a higher standard for the advice they provide. Compliance levels are higher and take more time. The regulators have confirmed they will take a tougher approach. With Astute Client Engager compliance is embedded in a structured, repeatable process. Make every client meeting educational, comprehensive and valuable.

$250 P/M + GST

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Client info gathering Goals based advice tool Scoping wizard Compliance built in

Features & tools

5 Minute Financial Health Check (5MFHC)
About You Questionnaire / Mini fact find (AYQ)
Review Changes Questionnaire (CQ)
Electronic Reverse Fact Find
Financial Planning Explained video
Importance of Insurance video
Importance of a Review video
The ‘How We Can Help You’ Marketing Tool
Goal Setting and Tracking tool
Scoping and Scaling tool
Fee for Service
Letter of engagement (LOA)
Ongoing Service Agreement (available soon)
About You Questionnaire (Fact Find)
Changes Questionnaire and Reverse Fact Find report
Comprehensive Scope and Scale Of Advice report
The ‘How We Can Help You’ Marketing Tool
5 Minute Financial Health Check (5MFHC)
Video: Financial Planning Explained
Video: Importance of Insurance Advice
Video: Importance of Review
Completed API Integration – ROAR Software
Planned API Integration – Xplan, Adviser Logic, PractiFi, Xeppo

Add specialist toolsets as needed

Build your own software solution to suit your needs by adding optional suites of calculators to our base package.

Insurance calculators

$50 +GST P/M

Facilitates a comprehensive needs analysis with summary and file notes. Calculators include Life Insurance, Income Protection, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma, Critical Illness.

Learn More
Retirement calculators

$50 +GST P/M

Model a client’s retirement needs including transition to retirement strategies and age pension. Quickly determine if a client is on track. Add non-super assets and make an in-depth analysis…

Learn More
Estate calculators

$50 +GST P/M

Expand your service offering and profitability by facilitating Estate Planning in 60 to 90 minutes. Producing an Estate Plan briefing paper and protecting your clients is now easier than ever before.

Learn More
Value bundle

How it works

Step 1: Info gathering

Professional and engaging first contact for initial or review meetings and disengaged clients, automate information gathering.

Contact Astute Wheel
Make contact

Improves engagement with prospects and clients

Useful tips and coaching with guide scripts

telephone call guide script
Send a Tailored email
Tailored email

Confirms appointments, with actions your clients follow

Email template with video link.

Email template with video link
Automated forms
Automated forms

Completed by prospect or client and then automatically emailed to you

5 Minute Financial Health Check
About You Questionnaire
Review Changes Questionnaire

Financial Health Check and Questionnaires
Schedule a follow up
Follow up

Scripted calling, if 5MHC, AYQ or RCQ reports not received

Use telephone call guide script

telephone call guide script
Tools to educate clients
Client education

Videos and other resources to explain key concepts and terminologies prior to meeting

Financial planning explainer videos

Client education

Step 2: Meeting prep

Access to information early allows for meetings to be planned and all client’s issues to be addressed through modelling tools.

Work with client financial data
Work with data

Login to AstuteWheel’s Virtual Meeting Room.

Choose ‘existing’ or ‘new’ client

Setup for a new or existing client
Review client’s issues and priorities

Review client’s reports, determine issues and priorities

5 Minute Financial Health Check

5 Minute Financial Health Check
Look for opportunities
Find Opportunities

Review your client’s latest information forms and look for ways to add value

Changes & About You Questionnaires

Review client’s latest financial information
Model your ideas prior to meeting
Test Modelling

Quickly explore strategy options prior to meeting

Practice modelling using client supplied data

Test client supplied data
Plan your financial advice
Link to Strategies

Prioritise your advice and plan the meeting using the AstuteWheel File Note

Use the AstuteWheel file note

Step 3: Meeting

Expect noticeably better outcomes from your Initial & Review meetings using the AstuteWheel tool set.

Live interactive modelling
Review & discuss

Review 5MFHC, AYQ or RCQ and uncover important extra information.

Engage by asking the right questions

5 Minute Financial Health Check
Price Financial Advice
Scope of Advice

Determine what advice segments are in and out of scope

Determine the scale of advice and implications for matters not to be included

Determine Scope of Financial Advice
Re-engage clients, show value and upgrade
Goals Based Advice

Explore the subject matter of clients goals

Clients goals are discussed, prioritised and made S.M.A.R.T.

Confirm priorities
Financial Advice Presentation Tools
Presentation tools

Present AstuteWheel Methodology for rapid comprehension and engagement

Use slides and videos to explain your value proposition

Present AstuteWheel Methodology
Live interactive modelling
Educate Clients

Explain how strategies work and compare alternatives

Use modelling calculators and graphs to simplify explanations

Astute Financial Modelling Calculators
Live interactive modelling
Demonstrate Value

Demonstrate value through realtime modelling of strategy options

Choose appropriate calculators to explore and agree on strategies

Agree on financial strategies

Step 4: Price advice

Expect better conversations and higher fees from a more effective client value proposition

Price Financial Advice
Prioritise advice

Determine the priority of in-scope advice

This will be determined by the clients goals priority

AstuteWheel segments
Confirm the value of financial advice
Confirm value

Quantify the value of your advice for in-scope segments

Use the AstuteWheel to summarise benefits

AstuteWheel segments
Justify your ongoing service
Ongoing service

Demonstrate the value of regular reviews

Use Review Process video and discussion of comprehensive process

Review Process video
Justify your ongoing service
Price your advice

Price advice per segment or by ongoing service package

Use wheel segments and value-add to determine price

Scope AstuteWheel segments
Seek price agreement
Advice Agreement

Seek price agreement and sign-off for Ongoing Service.

Use  your own LOE or OSA (Dealer group specific)

OSA or LOE for Dealer Group

Step 5: Compliance Trail

Client Reports along with AstuteWheel Generated File Notes form your compliance audit trail

Financial Services Compliance

The 5 Minute Financial Health Check identifies client’s priorities and scope of advice

Saved on the system or printable

System saved and printable
Financial Services Compliance

AYQ is the start of your Fact Find, and the RCQ captures important changes

Saved on the system or printable

System saved and printable
Financial Services Compliance
File note

AstuteWheel file notes links client needs to appropriate strategies

Saved on the system or printable

System saved and printable
Goals Based Advice

Evidence of client’s voice and adviser exploring subject matter

Saved on the system or printable

Client Voiced Goals documented
Financial Services Compliance
Scoping Advice

Evidence of proper scoping and scaling, linking to goals and implications discussed

Saved on the system or printable

Dealer Compliance
Financial Services Compliance
Saved Scenarios

Modelling scenarios can be reproduced for compliance

Saved on the system and recalled when required

System saved and printable

Step 6: Marketing Arsenal

Tools to build your client base via your centres of influence and current clients.

Market to Centres of Influence
Centres of Influence

Improve COI’s trust in your process and the value you add to clients

Show depth and breadth of your advice with modelling calculators and tools

Astute Financial Modelling Calculators
Financial Services referral networks
Client Referrals

Demonstrably improved client experience makes referral discussion easier

Use 5MFHC to demonstrate continuous improvement and client satisfaction

5 Minute Financial Health Check
Re-engage clients, show value and upgrade
Disengaged Clients

Re-engage clients, show value and upgrade them to your ongoing service proposition

Use the disengaged client link when sending annual fee disclosure emails

show value and re-engage clients
Web tools

Articulate your Client Value Proposition through short videos

Videos can be used in meetings or embedded on your website

Financial Advice Explainer Videos
Market your financial advice
Marketing Tool

Clients see benefits of financial advice on specific life events using How-we-can-help-you tool

HWCHY tool can be embedded on your website or sent as a link to clients

Online tool shows how you can help

Astute Client Engager

AstuteWheel has helped my business by vastly streamlining and professionalising a number of functions in my advice process. It makes collection of important client data (before each meeting) a breeze and compliantly stores the client responses. The calculators are fantastic ...  Read more

We have re-engineered our practice’s client offering – especially our financial advisory offering, from a traditional investment/transactional based offering to a new Wealth Management and Advisory offering which services clients’ broader needs and can solve far more complex financial issues ...  Read more

AstuteWheel has helped me to quantify and answer the fundamental questions almost all clients want to know, that is: “how’s my retirement income looking and what can I do about it?”. We have embedded the AstuteWheel process to create a ...  Read more

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