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These 7 videos provide more information about the Astute Wealth Client Engagement Platform.

Reception and New Client


Client Room & Marketing Tool




Factsheet and Income Calculator


Investment & Debt Calculator


Insurance Calculator


Retirement Calculator


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In these videos we explain how the Astute Wheel financial planning software works so Financial Advisers can deliver more valuable advice to their clients.

Financial Planners across Australia are reporting how the Astute Wheel capitalises on their knowledge and experience and dramatically improves the way they collect information, present strategies and engage with their clients.

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What is Astute Wheel Financial Planning Software (Australia)?

Financial Advisers may be well qualified & experienced, and understand all the financial planning strategies. But they don’t have access to ONE SET of Tools and Financial Planning Modeling Calculators, all in one place, that they can use live with clients to demonstrate how various appropriate strategies can benefit them.

Astute Wheel financial adviser software is Financial Planning Software built by Financial Advisors for Financial Advisors and has revolutionised financial planning client engagement.

Client Preparation Before Client Meetings

Clients provide quality information prior to meetings by completing online questionnaires that deliver reports to the advisers outlining their financial situation, main concerns and priorities. Our advisers are getting between 80% to 100% completion rates from clients completing the online Financial Health Checks, Mini Fact Finds, and Client Review Questionnaires.

Adviser Preparation Before Client Meetings

Financial Advisers save time no longer chasing paper and are able to better prepare for the client meetings to determine where they can add the most value to their clients. They plan shorter, more valuable client meetings.

What is Financial Planning?

Our research shows that most clients don’t really know what financial planning is, or what financial planners actually do. And many financial advisers struggle to explain the breadth and depth of financial planning to their clients, or how the 6 areas of financial advice fit together. Astute Wheel financial software provides Financial Advisers with tools to explain what financial planning is in plain English so their clients can understand it.

Better More Valuable Client Meetings – Client Best Interest Duty

Advisers have a Client Meeting Plan to keep the meeting on track with what’s important to the client.

Visual Graphical Tools explain the impact of appropriate strategies in a clear way where clients fully grasp how the adviser’s financial planning knowledge is able to benefit them.

These tools allow advisers to educate their clients about the financial risks and rewards of various strategies too. And act in the client’s best interest.

Advisers are far more valuable to their clients now because they can visually model, in real time, how appropriate strategies would work specifically for them. Advisers report that they have talked to their clients about certain strategies for years, but now they actually ‘get it’ and want to go ahead.

Financial Planning Practice Management

The AstuteWheel enables financial advisers to deliver a higher level of financial advice. It makes their financial planning practices much more efficient and helps them write more business improving profitability.

Fee For Service

Discussing fee-for-service with clients can be difficult but now clients understand how the financial advice is going to improve their wealth and security.

The AstuteWheel has transformed financial planning practices because it has changed the value that prospects and clients put on financial advice and the advisers are able to charge appropriately.

Astute Wheel Advisers report that their clients are so engaged that concerns over fees don’t seem important to them anymore because they are ‘getting’ the bigger picture.

Comprehensive Auto Generated File Notes and Compliance

Easy compliance features along the way reduce admin costs and headaches for advisers. The system generates file notes and provides the audit trail. Paraplanner briefings are more thorough and take less time.

Marketing Tools

An impressive but simple marketing toolset makes it easy for clients and professional centres-of-influence to provide more client referrals.